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Aerola Re-Pigmentation

3D Nipple Areola Repigmentation

Reconstruction of the aerola after breast cancer surgery

Areola Intro

Natural looking restoration for post-mastectomy reconstruction or other breast surgeries that compromise the natural integrity of the areola. When performing the areola restoration procedure, it is Erika’s goal to create the most realistic natural looking areola possible. The Areola is designed to the patient’s specifications, size, colors, and tones.

Sterility, patient safety and comfort is a first priority. Erika only uses high quality equipment, sterile single use needles, and pigments. All clients receive a detailed aftercare instruction to ensure the best possible outcome.

The process begins with an initial complimentary consultation, where we will discuss the process, outcomes, design, options, health considerations, all in preparation for planning the tattooing procedure. The initial appointment will take approximately 2 hours followed by a touch- up 6 weeks after. Color boosts are recommended every 2-5 years to enhance and maintain your pigment color.

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Examples of Reconstruction